Experience the Heaven at The Amanjena Resort, Morocco

Pavilion Bedroom Amanjena Resort Morocco

Amanjena resort is located just outside the ancient city of Marrakech. The resort name Amanjena means a peaceful paradise and what it has to offer to the guests certainly is a glimpse of what paradise might be like. The amazing candle lit atmospheres, the elegant and tasteful decorations, the outdoor pool with the amazing views of the Olive trees makes it a dream resort.

The Moorish heritage is reflected throughout the resort with the style of decoration, the lighting and the architecture. The resort not only offers peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the world but also a wide range of activities that enable you to refresh yourself and know what it feels like to be in a heavenly place like this. Regular cheap flights to Marrakech are offered throughout the year enabling the tourists and travelers to choose from what best suits them.

Echoing the style of the sultan’s palace, the hotel has been tastefully decorated with arches, ancient paintings and lanterns making a prime part of the structure and decoration. The gardens and the excursions on foot along with the bicycle rides and the private rides to the city center shall complement your holiday truly and make it a refreshing and satisfying experience.

Moreover, the hotel offers a wonderful array of sport activities as well including a golf course just minutes away from the main building. The resort is built keeping in mind the beauty and rich history of Al Medina al Hamra, the ‘Red City”. The colors of the lawns and the wine trees, the Moroccan marble and the dazzling fountains shall keep you amazed and make you relaxed and sated as you enjoy a holiday here.

The hotel has a lot of accommodation options for guests including pavilions and masons. Each has been decorated with elegance and candor. The room options provide different levels of luxury and affordability to the guests. The pavilions are 32 in number with their graceful domelike structure and feature hammam, king-sized beds, fireplaces and columned bathtubs.

Other facilities include twin marble finishing in the rooms, soaring mirrors and dressing areas with separate washrooms and vanities. The rooms also feature sliding glass doors and views of the central pool. The courtyard is open for families to enjoy night time walks and dinners as well. The masons feature two bedrooms with fireplaces, a wall fountains and queen sized beds as well. The Maison courtyards enjoy private pools and garden courtyards as well as a butler’s pantry and views of the shady trees. The Al-Hamra Maison is the largest accommodation featuring extensive facilities and large spaces. The main pavilion is connected to the living and dining areas. There are two bedrooms with a private heated pool as well.

The resort also features a hammam or a steam bath that is to provide an amazing experience of relaxation and calm for you. The hammam also features showers, washrooms and dressing areas with a whirlpool and a chamber room. Come and indulge yourself in massages, facials and wraps as well as manicures and pedicures while you get refreshed in the gym when you want to.

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