A Perfect Place for Holidays; The Mazagan Beach Resort

Seldom are holidays so perfect, quiet and filled with such high levels of entertainments as those at the Mazagan Resort. The region is famous for its natural beauty and the amazing sense of style and class it provides to the guests. Families are in for treat with all stay complementary for the children. Come and enjoy the water sports filled with excitement and joy, the hiking and quad biking activities, the sumptuous meals in the best restaurant atmospheres.

Enjoy the golfing and the stay at the villas that feature outstanding levels of luxury and style. The resort covers about 250 hectares of land including 7 km of beach where you can enjoy a wonderful climate around the year. Other entertainments include a world-class Spa and a casino, a nightclub and endless sporting activities. The Atlantic Ocean features a number of elegantly designed suites facing the water where you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the magnificent place.

The rooms and suites are spacious and feature quality furnishings and amazing array of amenities as well. To enhance your holiday experience, the room service keeps care of your every need making sure that you enjoy the utmost while on your holiday. Regular cheap flights to Morocco are offered around the year while the travelers can choose from what best suites them in terms of comfort and affordability.

The resort was formed by Sol Kerzner who is a world recognized leader in operation and development of star resorts and class destinations for travel. Mr. Sol’s philosophy is based upon the attention to detail and high levels of service. He believes that unique service and high class amenities make the foundations for a wonderful resort. The high quality and standards set by him have won the resorts many awards. His resorts are all over the world and are prestigious and considered dream destinations. Not only do they provide different levels of entertainment, but also an experience suited to the travel class and maximizing their comfort.

The Mazagan offers a number of accommodation choices those that vary in levels of affordability and luxury as well. The rooms have all been luxuriously and tastefully decorated maximizing the views of the ocean and the nearby surroundings as well. The hotel provides you a vast string of activities regardless of which room you stay at including daily complementary breakfasts, free access to the nightclub and casinos, the hammam, the tennis courts and the fitness centers as well as the children’s clubs.

There are also heated swimming pools and shuttle services on offer for the guests as well. Other types of accommodation suites include the Arabic-Moorish design inspired Mazagan Suites. The Executive suites offer tremendous views of the Atlantic. There are the spacious Ambassador Suites along the Atlantic coastline and also the amazing Royal Suites offering the best of luxury and services.

The meal times at the resort are a delight because of the refinement and the class of cuisine offered. There are eight restaurants to choose from where you can enjoy the vast variety of culinary delights. The guests are offered the best of ingredients and also a wonderful wine list from which they can choose what they like.The amazing array of activities available at the resort include: Tennis, Jogging, Water sports Center, Horseback riding, Beach Soccer, Yoga Classes, Cooking classes, an amazing spa and other visits to the nearby regions to explore and enjoy the local culture.

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