Spas Don’t Get any Better than the North Island, Seychelles

Spa at North Island Seychelles

The North Island Seychelles has set new standards of super luxury for its customers. The resort is one of the best locations to spend your holiday at, offering a number of amenities and wonderful service as well. The North Island is located 32km to the Southwest of the coast of Mahe that overlooks the beautiful Mountains about 6 miles away. The hotel property is extensive, covering a vast 179 acres of land and inland waters well.

The place is also a lot famous for the white sand beaches that are available here. There is about 2.5 miles of beautiful beach that offers a wonderful scenery and also an amazing array of activities for the guests to enjoy. You can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and island hopping also scuba diving and nature walks along the beach. There is a famous spa here that shall be discussed in extensive detail here. The island has a well-stocked library that offers presentation into its rich history for the tourists to enjoy.

The island has also a special conservation program that protects and conserves the endangered species and wild life here making this place even more beautiful and full of natural beauty. The accommodation at the island is special like the holiday here. There are 11 villas on offer that are all wonderfully decorated and extremely spacious with 450m2 of space in each. The villas have been so located to give you enough privacy and enjoy the island at best.

They have been tastefully decorated with lots of bamboo, stone and glass used and also leak thatching to give and extra African feel. The facilities on offer include free internet services, a personal butler service and an all-terrain buggy on the island. You can also enjoy at the plunge pool here. Regular cheap flights to Seychelles are offered around the year to Seychelles so travelers can choose from what best suites them and select accordingly.

Of special significance here is the spa and the outdoor activities that the hotel offers to the guests on stay. Some of the details have been discussed here. The activities you can enjoy at the North Island are endless including the beach, the Biking and eco-tourism, there is boating along the Ocean where you can admire the blue waters also there is sailing available. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy Windsurfing and other water sports as well.

Some of the features of the spa have also been discussed here. With a wide range of amenities available and the best of treatments and effort put in the spa, the staff ensures that the experiences of the guests who experience it are the most delightful and relaxing. All the staff has been trained and thus is expert in delivering the highest levels of satisfaction and comfort, relaxation at the spa.

You can enjoy the treatments and relax afterwards at the infinity pool of the hotel. Not only is this but the spa an award winning establishment offering a wide range of herbal medicines and other packages for those who visit it. There are other energetic activities too including hiking, surfing and bird watching as well. Rest assured that whatever is the path to your sublime relaxation and comfort, the spa helps in getting you there. We help is making your holiday as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

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