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One and Only Cape Town Hotel Spa Heat Room

One and Only Cape Town is the premier chic resort that gives you a unique and unprecedented form of luxury. The hotel is of an exquisite and unique style and brings to you an amazing experience with many entertainments and much more to enjoy. The hotel provides captivating views of the Table Mountain and the Waterfront from the windows and thus enjoys a wonderful location. The interior of the hotel is high class and features undiscovered vintages and amazing paintings as well. The hotel is also one of the most calm and expansive of the vocational resorts in the city.

The luxury of the hotel is sufficiently because of its unique collection of interior art forms and other furnishings which have been featured for the first time ever in South Africa. Basically the hotel is designed to celebrate the culture, art and glamour of the city in the most authentic style. The accommodation at the hotel is wonderful featuring a number of amenities and wonderful views of the outside. Regular cheap flights to Cape Town are available around the year.

The hotel rooms are wonderfully decorated and also are available in different types each varying in levels of affordability and decoration. There is an unending array of facilities for the tourists, business guests, families and other special guests of the Presidential suite as well. The rooms feature facilities like ,Fresh fruit in room upon arrival, Use of Spa Thermal Suites, Access to the Fitness Centre, Wi-Fi access throughout the resort, 24-hour Room service, Twice daily housekeeping services, in room personal safes, flat screen televisions with satellite connections. The amenities for the families include a selection of inter-leading rooms, babysitting facilities, programs for kids, and kid’s only clubs, family dining facilities as well as a 50% discount for the children.

The suites feature special inclusions that are like the service of personalized rooming, a complementary fruit and South African Platter, the facility of a wine tasting, a welcome wine bottle, there is a suite turndown for kids, also an aromatherapy available daily while the laundry and pressing is also free. Dining at the hotel is also a delight with a number of foods and cuisines available to tempt you with. Come and immerse yourself in the rich aromas, tastes and colors of the menus available here. The best feature of the One and Only Cape, however, is the spa and treatments facilities. Here is a detailed look at them.

With a wide range of amenities available and the best of treatments and effort put in the spa, the staff ensures that the experiences of the guests who experience it are the most delightful and relaxing. All the staff has been trained and thus is expert in delivering the highest levels of satisfaction and comfort, relaxation at the spa. The facility features an extensive layout with six treatment rooms, two hydrotherapy baths and lounges, there is a grooming lounge as well and also a color and floating bed. More on offer include a Hammam, a plunge pool and a wonderful fitness club.

You can enjoy the treatments and relax afterwards at the infinity pool of the hotel. Not only is this but the spa an award winning establishment offering a wide range of herbal medicines and other packages for those who visit it. There are other energetic activities too including hiking, surfing and bird watching as well. Rest assured that whatever is the path to your sublime relaxation and comfort, the spa helps in getting you there. We help is making your holiday as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

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