Experience Luxury and Class at The Grace Hotel Rosebank

The Grace Hotel Exterior view Rosebank

The Grace is the ideal choice for guests who seek the best levels of luxury and class in the city. The hotel offers the best of facilities and services guaranteed to make your holiday complete, relaxing and fulfilling. There is additionally a personal charm offered here that gives the guests a unique experience of being in a large hotel while enjoying the best elements of a small establishment as well. The hotel is located in the heart of the Rose bank at Johannesburg and offers entertainments nearby such as eclectic restaurants, shopping and cinemas too.

The hotel offers many perks as well with a number of cakes and beverages available around the clock and the hotel also includes a spa which is a must visit. The accommodation at the hotel is very elegant and features modern amenities. There are hotel rooms and all of them have been decorated tastefully making each visit different yet more special.

Dining at the hotel is also wonderful with many restaurants available on-site. The Indulge a la carte cuisine at the restaurant offers a lot for the guests as well. With a wide range of facilities and amazing views, the hotel offers a wide menu and you can also opt for a packed lunch. Regular cheap flights to Johannesburg are available around the year so, that travelers can choose from what best suites them.

Among many facilities, the best feature of the Rose bank is the spa facility. It has been discussed in extensive detail here.The spa offers a number of facilities that help enhance your experience making your holiday relaxing and comfortable. No expense has been spared in making this a world class facility, with the staff ensuring that your body gets the treatment it deserves. The atmosphere here is full of tranquility, relaxation and elegance and offers you the relaxation that you seek.

The facility features hammam, hydrotherapy lounges and other forms of treatments as well as other forms of entertainments making it somewhat of a paradise for relaxation. Apart from the spa treatments there are a number of other attractions as well. Other energetic activities include hiking, surfing and bird watching as well. Rest assured that whatever is the path to your sublime relaxation and comfort, the spa helps in getting you there. We help is making your holiday as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

The business facilities at the Rose bank are another reason to visit the place.The facilities on offer are modern and enhance the comfort levels of the business meetings conducted here. A number of modern amenities and facilities are available here making the meeting as efficient and smooth as possible. Some of the features include a number of conference rooms, fax machines, multimedia and high speed internet facilities also.

In addition to this, you can pre-order all that you require for your meetings or any desired event. There are also a number of purposes the meeting rooms and halls can be used for including seminars, workshops, book launches and much more. The staff ensures that the events conducted are flawless and efficient while the guests are cared for to the utmost degree. The amenities and atmosphere is a wonderful addition and a necessary component of what makes us unique.

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