The Profound Intimacy at La Villa Des Orangers

Pool side view of La Villa Des Orangers Marrakech

From the time you enter the ravishing lobby till the time you check out, each guest is bestowed with princely behavior as if he/she is the most distinguished guest. The Villa Des Orangers comes packed in classy themes with particular emphasis on every tiny detail. The classy couches, enticing sitting areas and the lobbies all exult class and opulence, sending a unique hint of the exotic through its majestic display. The central hotel lobby as soon as you enter exudes an intimate scent making it secure its place amongst the most intimate hotels in the world.

The Villa Des Orangers features a team of dedicated individuals ranging from chauffeurs, janitors, butlers, bar tenders, event managers, lobby managers, guards, personal attendants and more all who thrive hard to make your stay worthwhile and memorable. If you have a penchant for lush plush and have an irresistible quench for good alcohol, fine food and a fabulous slumber, then the Villa Des Orangers is definitely tailor made for you. The hotel also offers alluring packages for the frequent travelers and the honeymoon duos, so book your cheap flights to Marrakech now and avail this magical opportunity now.

The rooms and suites come power packed with powerful amenities and meticulous services all which adhere to your personalized needs. From a personal mini – bar which boasts fine liquor collection to your own private balcony offering magnetizing views of the neighboring enthralling city landscapes and malls. The Villa Des Orangers allows the shopaholics to shop for some fine branded clothing, leather goods and other souvenirs. The bathrooms and the restrooms at the Villa Des Orangers are a fantastic display of sheer exuberance with dazzling hand showers, bath tubs, fittings, make-up mirrors and other lavish toiletries which include slippers, bath robes, shower gels, shaving kits and more.

For the food lovers, here’s the good news. The Villa Des Orangers offers a unique array of culinary hedonism where you can wine and dine in style be it an intimate candle light dinner or throw a big cocktail party. The Villa Des Orangers features cuisines, bars and restaurants which are a dining sensation for any food lover. Be it a fantasizing typical American styled breakfast you may be looking for or a buffet lunch / dinner the Villa Des Orangers caters to the needs of the food fanatics alike. The hotel’s chefs also hold particular expertise in sea food and barbeque specialties.

If you’re one of those health conscious guests looking to cut off those extra calories then the Villa Des Orangers also has just the perfect treatment in place for you. You can either enjoy a wonderful workout session at the fine fitness facility which has dedicated body part machine’s, tread mills, bench press and other machines.

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