The Astounding Luxury at Sanctuary Baines Camp, Botswana

Aerial view of Sanctuary Baines Camp Botswana

Come to the magnanimous Okavango Delta which exults sheer class and exuberance upon each of its distinguished guests. From the moment you lay your foot onto this captivating structure which is a haven for the business and leisure hunters you are surrounded in an incomprehensible ambience which is a feast for the aesthetics and the high rollers. The central lodge lobby features a teeming stretch of enticing couches, love making designer sofas and a collection of ravishing settee in its beguiling lobby. You probably feel quite contended and mesmerized at your arrival and would like to loosen up straight away, so book your cheap flights to Botswana now.

The Sanctuary Baines’ Camp has for its discerning travelers a wide array of quality amenities and superfluous services all further compounded with the astounding ambience. From the time you check inn till the time your luggage is brought to the lobby for your arrival, you feel like an aspiring emperor swarmed with a team of personal attendants, butlers and helpers to fulfill your every desire. The rooms and suites are marked with airy surroundings and are very well apportioned themselves providing panoramic views of the enchanting Boro River and a lagoon from its window to ceiling windows.

The grand rooms and suites also come attached with private balcony facilities where you can witness some of the most amazing sunsets or quench your thirst with a couple of beers. The Sanctuary Baines’ Camp also pays special attention to meet all your professional and recreational needs, featuring a mini bar which has one of the finest collections of champagnes and wines on the house for those intimate and celebratory moments with your special someone.

The entire premises are covered with high speed wifi internet access where you can surf the internet or check your emails and stay connected with your professional world while spoiling yourself in the warmth of luxury. The bathrooms come packed with sparkling marble flooring and expensive toiletries further complimented with bathrobes, slippers, shower gels, make up mirrors and other toiletries. The astounding lavishness might make you want to not leave the oozing luxury and warmth of your own room.

The Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is home to a fine blend of unique culinary hedonism featuring a team of dedicated chefs specializing in various disciplines destined to moisten your taste buds. The lodge has a fine ambience on display at its different wining and dining venues where you can sip and slur in grand style. From lamb chops, fresh bacons, Italian steaks, sushi, noodles, curries, kebabs, spring rolls and all other kinds of delectable stuff the Sanctuary Baines’ Camp should definitely be dashed onto.

Make sure that you make the right move in the later part of the day and if you are a relaxation enthusiast then you are in for a really good time. With a fine Spa service available on site the Sanctuary Baines’ Camp has a well blended team of wellness experts under whose auspices various massages, treatments and body care therapies are carried out. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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