The Magnanimous Capital of Cameroon; Douala

Mana Bridge Kroup National Park Cameroon

Come to the exhilarating city of Douala which offers distinct offerings and amenities to all its distinguished visitors. Douala has for long topped the lists and charts of various times and business magazines of 2010 and 2011 for its state of the art facilities and infrastructure which is truly a business and leisure haven for everyone. Douala is a magnanimous capital city of Cameroon which being the port city is also known to be a commercial and economic hub of the country making it one of the most visited cities by thousands of business tycoons and corporate magnates. So, book your cheap flights to Douala now.

Douala offers an array of alluring recreational, rejuvenation, entertainment and other options for anyone and everyone who comes down to this well planned city. The city is dissected into two clearly defined quarters called Akwa and Bonajo which feature wonderful entertainment options for the respite of the fun seeking individuals and the family oriented vacationers alike. The city of Douala is particularly famous for its pulsating night life in the Akwa quarter where you can hit the fantasizing clubs, bars and cuisines and indulge yourself in the wilderness.

The region of Akwa consists of many discos and clubs where you get the opportunity to meet hot eligible bachelors not only from Cameroon but from all around the world. They provide you with the perfect opportunity to quench your thirst by offering you an exquisite collection of quality free flow liquor which includes beers, martinis, champagnes, vodkas, scotches and other cocktails laced with alcohol. This part of Akwa provides the food lovers and the fun seeking individuals just the perfect opportunity to seize onto and boasts innumerable cuisines and restaurants.

For the food lovers here’s the perfect opportunity to wine and dine in style offering a unique culinary hedonism where the dedicated chefs and cookery specialist thrive day and night to moisten your taste buds completely and make you keep coming back for more. You can also treat yourself with a cup of cappuccino or a hot chocolate by swing by some of the best road side coffee shops in the area where you can slowly sip your coffee sitting on your wicker chair and reading the newspaper.

The other half of the city is the center of commerce and administration where you can shop for some quality merchandise like leather goods, clothing, branded wear items, gifts, electronics and other classy souvenirs. The city of Douala also has some fine bustling parks where you can dash onto with you family if you want to experience some fine tropical climate and discover the exotic city with your soul mate. The parks are well equipped with security arrangements, snacks and drinks and have the perfect settings to keep your toddlers at bay and preoccupied with a fine collection of swings, rides, water sports and other tacky stuff where you will not realize how quickly time will pass.

The other parks like Korup Nationa Park offer a grand opportunity for you to latch onto in case you have a profound interest in camping around the wildlife ambience. Make the right move and come treat yourself with the good Douala has on offer.

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