The Captivating City of Kumasi, Ghana

Aerial view of Kejetia Market Kumasi Ghana

For those botanical lovers and those with a genre for floral arts, decorations and exhibitions of flora and fauna, come to the beguiling city of Kumasi which is also the capital of the Ashanti Region and of the Kumasi District. This mind boggling city of fantasizing natural luxuries and delicacies is popularly known as the Garden City or heart beat due to its unrivalled collection of regal and grand species of flowers and plants.

Kumasi has recently grown into a bustling tourist hotspot and has reeled consecutive awards in the recent years for its dazzling wonders of scenic beauty and the exhilarating entertainment, shopping and regal recreational avenues it beholds for each of its distinguished guests, so book your cheap flights to Ghana now.

The city of Kumasi offers panoramic views of the sheer natural exuberance which the city beholds due to which innumerable tourists and travelers head to this fascinating hotspot each year. It doesn’t matter if you are a family oriented vacationer, a globetrotting business executive or an ecological traveler, the city of Kumasi offers unparalleled scenic and manmade breathtaking views which are a delight for everyone. The city is bestowed with ample scenic wonders of nature which include tantalizing lush green gardens, lush lawns, green plantations, floral art, cascading waterfalls and more which are a pure delight for the nature lovers.

If you are doing your majors in History or have a genre for discovering the rich cultural antecedents of Ghana then dash to the captivating Ghana Armed Forces Museum at the Kumasi Fort which beholds jewels of the chronicles of WWII and others. It signifies the pivotal role played by East Africa and Ghana and its overall participation in WWII.

Ghana is one country which is brimming with rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks and exults unparalleled hospitality on each of its distinguished guests. The Asante buildings are standing ovation of the level of arts and crafts which the country has achieved. These buildings found in the outskirts of Kumasi are one of the only remnants left of the eponymous civilization. The rich cultural heritage harkens to be discovered and therefore attracts innumerable tourists / travelers and art lovers each year.

The city if considered amongst the list of the most intimate cities in Africa which also provides the perfect opportunity for the newlyweds and the honeymoon duos to latch on the journey of life from here. For the shopping lovers who like to shop till they drop, the Kejetia Market is the perfect hotspot for them. This fact paced frenetic shopping place is a legendary market which has been around for many years now and is always crowded with people.

People from all around the African continent gather around in this open market madness to do business where you shop for almost anything and everything. The city of Kumasi is a unique sensational experience which definitely merits a visit.

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