The Striking Amenities at Abidjan

Aerial view of Plateau District Abidjan

Come to the enthralling city of Abidjan which boasts countless treasure troves of spectacles of scenic splendor, enticing lush green gardens, classy infrastructure and state of the art amenities which used to be called the “New York” of the country. The city is the former capital and an economic powerhouse which has reeled consecutive awards and accolades for the best upcoming cities in the world.

The city of Abidjan lures a lot of local and foreign travelers from all around the globe each year due to its mind boggling amenities which is an elation of style and class leaving its visitors spoilt for choices, so book your cheap flights to Abidjan now.

The Plateau is by far the most captivating district of the country which boasts an eclectic blend of recreational, entertainment and other luscious dining opportunities which is a delight for even the most discerning travelers. The city of Abidjan represents and reflects modern innovation carefully rekindled with the cultural heritage of the city. The city offers a unique cultural and culinary hedonism where French is mostly spoken.

The Plateau district is pulsating enough in its right making a wonderful place to head if you truly want to discover and witness the electrifying sites of the city. It boasts clusters of enticing bars, ravishing cuisines and class restaurants for your respite and expedience. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a buffet dinner, looking to throw away a cocktail party or willing to head out for an intimate candle light dinner, the Plateau is the ideal place which caters to the taste of people from varying backgrounds.

The magnanimous city of Abidjan is known for its pulsating nightlife which lures eligible young bachelors all around from Africa where you get the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. The bars are extremely fashionable and chic which definitely merit some hang time even if you don’t intend on staying for long over there. The electrifying themes, songs and powerful sound system compounded with the mind boggling variety of free flow liquor you are definitely in for some fun time.

If you are a shopaholic and intend to pick and choose some valuable merchandise for your loved ones, then the Plateau has a number of shops and markets which allow you to shop till you drop. To keep your little ones at bay while you get the time to reconnect with your loved one, the Plateau has wonderful parks which have themes, games, swings and other enchanting rides which makes the time pass at an incomprehensible rate.

Treichville is another area where you can be sure that you are in for a good time. The city of Abidjan is a fantasizing hotspot which definitely merits a visit so make the right move and come to the ravishing city now.

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