The Amazing Wildlife of Gaborone Game Reserve, Botswana

Deer sitting at Gaborone Game Reserve Botswana

Amazingly settled in very close vicinity to the magical capital of Botswana- the Gaborone Game Reserve is one worth-visiting and mind blowing destination of this planet that grabs the attention of all those travelers who take cheap tickets to Gaborone. The park was established with an aim to create an awareness about the surrounding areas and the conservation of the region (the history dates back to the year 1988).

It is the 3dr busiest reserve of the country that covers the land area of more than 600 hectares. The place features and amazing and excellent network of an inaccessible bird hide, a game hide, a couple of Botswana vacation picnic sites, a visitor’s education center and game viewing roads. It is locate in the eastern part of the city on Limpopo Drive and draws the attention of thousands of people each year.

The detailed map about all the paths and areas of the park is provided at the main gate which lies at the western part of the city and you can easily visit all the alluring and captivating sites of this destination. Some of the most common animals that you will find within the boundary of this park are warthogs, Common Eland, duiker, springbok, bushbuck, gemsbok, zebras, wildebeest, ostriches, kudu and impala and the park has also gain popularity as one of the best places on earth for bird viewing.

As it is one of the prime destination of Botswana that features a wide variety of habitats that range from marshland and riverine forest to woodlands and thorn scrub, it serves to be the largest dwelling place of birds- the most common specie include snake eagle and the commonly called Gonolek ( the brightly colored crimson boubou shrike). If you move towards the wetland region, you will find the largest concentration of the beautifully colored Purple Gallinule.

There are many other amazing and rare species that reside in other parts of the park and the common ones are Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Red-crested Korhaan, African Crake, Painted Snipe, massive flocks of White-faced Duck and the great numbers of Wood and Common Sandpiper. As it is situated within the premises of Gaborone, there are no predators and other dangerous animals but you may encounter the herd of elephants.

The best time for game viewing is early morning especially during the dry season and also the late evening. But when it s rainy season, you can easily visit the park during any time of the day. Try to avoid the weekends, as it is busiest because the people are free and they have nothing to do in a holiday. Some portion of the park has been kept closed to guard the endangered species of rhino but you can view them from certain road that passes through the park.

Apart from it, there is a lot more to enjoy here in the park area so this time do opt for some thrill and head towards Gaborone Game Reserve.

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