The Dazzling City of Abuja

Abuja Millenium Park

The vibrant metropolis of Nigeria has for long been hogging limelight in innumerable Business and Leisure magazines for its timeless elegance, catch options and superfluous amenities which will leave even the most discerning travelers satisfied. If you have a penchant for lush plush and want to witness some sky scraping breathtaking marvels of epic engineering then Abuja is just the right place to leave you overwhelmed and amazed.

As soon as you arrive at the bustling city you are surrounded in a clamorous labyrinth where you can witness a striking conflict between the rich and poor. On one end is the edifice of high end up-scale state buildings and other multinational companies headquarters all operating in Abuja whilst on the other end you will see towards the downtown children running with bare feet.

The city is a delight for those with a knack towards engineering and an inherent liking towards the amazing Nigerian architecture. The ravishing city of Abuja is considered amongst the most planned cities in Africa and its meticulous road and rail network which is further compounded with the enchanting rolling terrain lures a lot of local and international travelers alike, so book your cheap flights now.

For those discerning travelers who highly value the cultural exploration aspect of their traveling are definitely in for a good time and should without wasting a single second make their reservations now. The alluring city has recently completed its pearl project which is the Heritage City Theme Park which will be a fine fusion of the entire African heritage. Here you would witness and embark onto a fabulous learning experience and could have some great time with your family and loved ones.

This is the perfect opportunity to enlighten yourself. Furthermore are lush parks bustling into life where you and the entire family can have a great time. Here you can latch onto some great entertainment options, exhilarating rides and other tacky water sport activities. There are other great swings designed for the entire family which will give you an unforgettable experience.

Head to the Abuja Millenium Park which will indulge you in its infinite offerings and futuristic layout. This also includes a fine cultural project and a wonderful museum so for all those with a penchant towards archeological and historical remains, here’s your chance now. For the aesthetics and the art lovers here you will see some of the most expensive art collections in the entire African continent.

The beguiling city of Abuja caters to the bloating demand of the food lovers providing them the perfect opportunity to catch a late candle light dinner or enjoy a scrumptious meal at a cocktail party. The city center offers a great collection of assorted cuisines, fantasizing restaurants and bars some of them which definitely deserve a hang time. The restaurants towards the city center are classy and wrapped in catchy themes where you can enjoy your favorite dishes while listening to some great live music and more. don’t forget to have a bite to the pulsating nightlife of Abuja which is itself a grand experience.

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