The Scenic Grandeur at Banjul

Laico Atlantic Beach Gambia

It doesn’t matter if you are a business traveler, a thrill seeking individual or simply a family oriented vacationer trying to undo the incessant demands of big city living, the city will leave you agape and overwhelmed for its classy amenities and options. The classy city of Banjul offers an eclectic fusion of mixed excursions, land based tours and other awe inspiring river trips which make you come back for more each time you are in Africa. Whether you have an inclination towards discovering the rich historical perspective and the rich cultural heritage of Banjul, the city will leave you surrounded in packs of great options.

For the newlywed couples and the ones who have recently embarked onto the journey of life latch onto the mesmerizing coastal holiday resorts of Kombo North. Here you can enjoy the fine powdery beaches and bear witness to some of the most intimate locations in Africa. For the ones with an interest in history and wishing to enlighten themselves head to the Gambia National Museum on Independence Drive where you will see some fine relics from the past and displays of exhibits which will leave you amazed, so book your cheap flights now.

If you are one of those shopaholics fond of shopping for long hours and willing to swerve and move between some lively and bustling shops where you can haggle and procure some great merchandise, spices, fruits, arts & crafts and other great souvenirs then head to the Albert Market for all such adventures. Just some distance away are some great golden beaches where the azure waters lap against the tranquil rim of the coastline of Cape Point, Fajara, Kajoli, Kotu and others.

Here you enjoy the leisure and tan, spend some quality beach outing with your loved ones and family, latch onto some fine tacky entertainment options like water sports, wind surfing swimming and more to keep the heat at bay are some of the activities which you can indulge in. The experience is truly rewarding where you can as there are other sport options like beach volleyball, golf course and tennis all available which are a delight for the globetrotting guests. the guests are treated with a benign smile and the crowd greets you warmly.

You can also indulge in fishing option. The fantasizing city is marked with lush tropical gardens and wrapped in layers of endless scenic wonders where you can head to with your loved ones and discover the places begging to be explored. If you have children with you rest assured you will have a lot of options at Banjul where they can indulge in great exhilarating options which includes some great rides, swings and other options which will make the time fly. The city of Banjul is now considered amongst the best tourists destinations for its array of exciting options and activities which come attached to it.

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