The Amazing Adventure at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Elephant at Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most visited and famous game reserve of Uganda that is located in the western region of the country and is popular for providing shelter to exceptional wild life. A number of tourists take flights to Kampala to visit the most diversified eco system of Africa and to spend a quality while observing the interesting activities of many wild animals.

The park covers an area of about 1,978 square kilometers and comprises the districts of Rukungiri, Bushenyi , Kamwenge and Kasese. The park stretches from the north-eastern side of Lake Gorge towards the south-western side of Lake Edward and also spans the Kazinga Channel-a link between the lakes. It was inaugurated in 1954 and was named after the queen of England.

This wonderful park is also known as ‘the peal of Africa’ or ‘the Switzerland of Africa’ because it is the home of the scenic water lakes, lush green grassy plains, volcanoes craters and a tropical forest. Many hotels and lodges have ornamented the interiors with the hunting items such as leopard’s skins, elephant tusks, deer heads and stuffed lions but you should focus on shooting with camera to guard these endangered and rare species of the area.

A number of interesting activities can be performed at the park like the Game Drives that are best during the day time or the late afternoon, you will undoubtedly enjoy seeing the hungry leopards, the elephants searching for water while the buffaloes and the bush backs are found along the water channels and its nearby areas. You can also go for walk with a guide to see the poisonous pythons in the grottos of the bats which is located very near to the bewitching blue lake.

When you are on the track, you will also hear the noise of Chimps and other forest animals. The last option is the boat trip with the amazing sights of hippos on the banks of water as well as the crocodiles providing you the unmatched experience of wildlife. Many elephants can be spotted playing in water where as the buffaloes drinking, to quench the thirst..

The park provides shelter to a number of animals; almost 100 mammal species and almost 600 distinctive breeds of birds. The wildlife includes lions , leopards, elephants, hippopotamuses, Elephants, the Uganda Kob and buffaloes. Besides, the Ishasha region which is located in Rukungiri District is very well-known for the tree climbing lions who love to reach high-up for enjoying the pleasant weather and for fun.

Apart from this the species of birds found in this area are White-winged Terns, Papyrus Canary, Pink-backed Pelicans, White-winged Warbler, Black-rumped Buttonquail, Long-tailed Cormorants, Black-headed Gonolek, African Mourning Dove and Grey-headed Kingfisher. Kyambura Gorge which is situated on the north-eastern outer edge of the park is the actual Tarzan domain where you will find dense tree canopies and stems dangling downwards towards the surface. This area provides you the best opportunities to spot the naughty chimpanzees that chatter and play in the branches of trees.

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