The Enchanting and Blooming Lilongwe

City Center Lilongwe Exterior view

Come to the exhilarating city Lilongwe where you will be left completely overwhelmed with its fantasizing luxurious amenities and trendy options. The city of Lilongwe has developed a reputation of exulting its timeless grandeur and elegance on each of its distinguished guests where you can enjoy the unsurpassed lavishness in a completely personalized manner. From historical sites to rich architecture exhibits, the Lilongwe is home to one of the most historical and must watch sights in Africa, so book your cheap flights now.

If you have a penchant for shopping, the city of Lilongwe boasts one of the finest shopping malls equipped with cutting edge facilities and technological advancements making shopping a whole lot pleasurable experience. Here you can latch onto an amazing shopping spree where you are encircled in numerous options making it difficult to pick and choose. If you want to see the best of the bustling metropolis then head to the city center area where you will witness multinational companies headquarters, foreign banks and international food chain stores sprawling amongst the mid sized shopping malls which are outfitted with cutting edge technology.

The architecture and the structural engineering is marshaled with the flavors of some quality architectural grandeur which leaves the critics surprised. Head to the Capital Hill where you can witness offices of the Government Functionaries which are a treat for everyone. Other famous areas include Area 2 which is the closest to the City Center where you find myriad entertainment and recreational options. Amongst the many options which you will be countered with here are the fashionable cuisines and restaurants offering their seasonal novelties and featuring a teeming stretch of cookery specialists from all around Africa.

Here you can order your favorite intercontinental specialty. There are also some fine bars and discos which have considerably boosted the pulsating nightlife of Lilongwe. Head to one of the discos here where you can enjoy the free flow liquor amongst other local produce which are a special toast for the fine brewed booze lovers. There are also other DJ nights which are organized over the weekends, stand up comedy programs and other festivals which keep taking intermittently throughout the year. These places definitely do merit some hang time even if you don’t intend on staying here for long. If you are down to Lilongwe with family then head to one of the bustling parks which boasts a fine range of quality swings and rides where the entire family can have a great time pass.

Lilongwe is a fantastic hotspot for the business lovers and the pleasure seeking travelers alike who wish to rejuvenate their mind and soul in a completely different manner. For those with a knack towards history and cultural exploration of this great nation, then Lilongwe is the ideal place to start such adventures. Here you will find just the right amount of everything and some great historical sites and famous landmarks to reminisce for the rest of your lives.

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