The Living Enigma – Windhoek

St. Marys Cathedral Windhoek Exterior view

The city has recently topped the charts of various Leisure and Travel Magazines for its exquisite amenities and superfluous options which are available to each one of the distinguished guest here. The city is ensconced amongst low lying hills with favorable climate offering the perfect rejuvenation hotspot for people from all around the world. The city holds fabulous tourist attractions and entertainment venues where you can head to alone, with friends or even with the entire family, so book your flights to Windhoek now.

As soon as you reach the bustling metropolis you are surrounded in an aura of majesty and exuberance leaving you overwhelmed right away. As you start your tour and witness the oozing serenity and tranquil which exists all around not to forget the cleanliness which is stark contrast with majority of other African countries. Towards the city center side you will see a labyrinth of cuisines, bars and other dazzling restaurants.

The buildings are high and display architectural excellence particularly depicting German architecture as a consequence of the Namibia’s colonial times. For those with an inclination towards architecture, and quality engineering there are numerous buildings, landmarks, monument and other statues which are definitely worth a watch. Amongst the many notable buildings are the St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Turnhalle Building.

For the food lovers there are several delectable culinary varieties readily available. Head to any one of the alluring cuisines be it German, Italian or the local Namibian cuisines, the tender and quality meat will provide the perfect tease for your taste buds. For all the vegetarians planning their trip to Windhoek be warned that Namibia is a significantly carnivorous country.

One of the largest shopping malls are at the Maerua Mall where you can shop for almost anything and everything from souvenirs, merchandise, quality clothing, shoes, embroideries and much more. There is also a great chlorinated swimming pool over here. The Post Mall has another great shopping mall where you can enjoy a reasonable shopping spree. The local brewing industry has been blooming recently.

At Windhoek you can sip and gulp one of the chilled beers while witnessing some of the finest sights at Namibia. For the ones traveling with families there are some great recreational parks where you can enjoy the exhilarating rides, swings and other water sport activities. The place is also filled with great scenic hotspots and boasts some of the most intimate places in the entire African continent.

If you have an inclination towards exploring the rich scenic hotspots then Windhoek will mostly keep you on your toes. There are also some great nightclubs, bars playing the traditional local tracks and some other great music tracks. Head to one of these clubs especially during the weekend where you can meet local and international tourists and have a great time. The place definitely merits a visit and surpasses anything and everything man-made.

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