The Luminous City of Lusaka

The busy Soweto Market Lusaka

The city has recently emerged as a business and leisure haven which offers state of the art amenities and classy excursions offering the perfect respite and placate you have long been yearning for. The city of Lusaka has recently witnessed an influx of expatriates, local and foreign travelers owing to its magnanimous offerings which includes amongst other things scenic hotspots, historical monuments, cultural landmarks and luscious dining avenues offering a sweet temptation to your taste buds, so book your cheap flights now and latch onto this once in a lifetime entertainment avenue.

The best part about this blooming metropolis is that it caters to the varying needs of each of its guests. It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate executive, a business magnate, a historian or a botanical buff, the city of Lusaka offers a wide array of options which is sure to entangle you to pick and choose from it. Get ready to pick and choose from the many different offerings the city of Lusaka bestows on each of its guests.

For the one with a penchant towards nature, plants and those wildlife enthusiasts out there, a visit to Lusaka would be incomplete till you head to the Munda Wanga Environmental Park which reels hundreds of local and international tourists each day. Here from watching different species of birds, to fantastic animals and animal sanctuaries offers an unparalleled experience for everyone. The place emphasized on the need for conservation of wildlife and provides the perfect hotspot for the toddlers and the younger ones.

Here you would also witness one of the finest species of plants, shrubs and trees which are unavailable in most of the regions. The downtown side of Lusaka is brimming with a rich cultural heritage and famous historical landmarks which famous come for sightseeing and other purposes not only from Africa but the entire globe. If you truly want to see the rich culture then head to one of the open market bazaars and just witness the fast paced life it has on display.

Here the local traders involve themselves each day in trading and selling everything from spices, fruits, arts & crafts, hand painted embroideries, silks, local souvenirs and much more. Definitely visit one of these markets including the Soweto Market and witness the unrivalled fun and entertainment.

For those wishing for some classy engineering and mammoth structures should head to the fascinating building of The Anglican Cathedral which has a rich religious impact. Also a great place to head out to where you will be surrounded in an array of options is the Manda Hill where you can spend hours and hours without realizing. The city is also particularly famous amongst the honeymoon duos and the newlywed couples where they have plenty of sightseeing options and natural scenic areas to dash to.

You are not only spoiled for the unrivalled grandeur and elegance here, the intimate ambience and the hospitality of the people here is worth each penny.

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