The Magnificent and Mesmerizing Mali

La Dune Rose Mali

Mali is one of the best tourist’s destination that id located in the western part of Africa and is spread over a wide area of about 1,240,000 square kilometres. A large number of people visit it annually by taking flights to Bamako, the capital which itself serves as an oasis of many attractions. It is further divided into 8 distinctive regions and also one large district. According to size it has been declared as the 24th largest country of the world and much of its area is bordered by the southern part of Sahara.

Its allurements are not confined to a single place but are scattered here and there, and another famous one is Dogon Country, which is one of the greatest reasons why travellers flock here in Mali. Its hikes and trails are just superb and have no comparison. On average the people opt for a hike of 3 days but you can make it shorter or longer according to your own desire. It was occupied by Tellem people before the arrival of Dogon and they constructed accommodations in vertical hills that are located several hundred metres away from the earth’s surface.

Another appealing site is of the Great Mosque of Djenne, whose history date back to 13th century but it was renovated in 1907 and is considered to be the largest mud-brick structure of the world which is highly adorable and mesmerizing. Many architects believe it be the greatest masterpiece of Sudano-Sahelian architectural design. It is one of the most significant and notable landmarks of Mali which is also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Across the region of Gao, there lies the La Dune Rose, which is commonly called as ‘the Pink Dune’ and is accessible with the help of pirogue. The dune is truly charismatic as it changes its colour with time; during the day time its appears to be pinkish but as soon as the sun start to set it reflects so many magical and bewitching shades that can undoubtedly cast a spell on your nerves.

The whole landscape id truly breathtaking and provides you plenty of opportunities to capture some jaw dropping photographs. Another amazing spot is Fish market which is located in Mopti and always remains vibrant and bustling with a large crowd of people. The place features a wide variety of fish that include salted fish, dried fish and fresh fish. The place also houses many shops where you can observe the construction of traditional boats.

You must nit miss the chance of hitting the Tomb of Askia, that was constructed by  Askia Muhammad Toure in 1495, who was buried here. Now a days the tomb is operational as a mosque but the tourists are always welcome to step inside and have a look at its magnificence and artistic interior.

You can also climb up to the top to have a bird’s eye view of Niger and Gao. There are many other hidden surprises in Mali that would be only unveiled once you travel towards this so get ready for a wonderful and enchanting trip.

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