The Ultimate Spot to Unwind and Relax

Dantokpa Market Cotonou

Cotonou is known to be the largest city of all of Benin and is also known to be the economic hub or as people call it the economic capital of the famous Benin. Located in the south east of the country right in between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Nokoué the city has a population which was officially estimated as 761,137 in 2006 but some calculation show that the population is a s high as 1.2 million and it is seen that in the 1960s the population was calculated to have 70,000 inhabitants. Being a major home the city ultimately has an airport and even a railway system.

Apart from this several other facilities and attractions are found in this amazing city. Some of the popular ones being Cotonou Friendship Stadium, Cotonou Central Mosque, 20-hectare Dantokpa Market, Cotonou Cathedral, the Ancient Pont Bridge, The National University of Benin etc. The city is very diverse and the climate is not much of a problem. The city offers some of the best places to eat at for example Hotel Du Lac is a place which offers you delicious food apart from this the markets here are just perfect.

You can bargain and easily get good quality stuff which you would not find in other places. One can easily get in by plain, bus and trains and for going around taxis and the famous zemidjans( a type of taxi) are easily available. So, what are you waiting for get up and book the nearest flights to Cotonou with us as we help you in finding the cheapest flights so that you can enjoy life.

One of the popular attractions in Cotonou is the famous yet lonely beach known as Fidjrosse beach. This beach unlike all other beaches in South Africa is quite clean and has a low amount of visitors so you can easily have the place to yourself and enjoy with your family and friends. The people here won’t disturb you and would be very nice and friendly. You can come to this amazing beach and go for a swim or just lie down and let go of all your worries.

The sound of the flowing waters and the golden sand of this beach make you fall in love with it. With palm trees around and one or two huts this beach has a very comforting yet joyful environment. You can come here early in the morning and go for a walk as it will be very soothing but it is highly preferable that one does not visit this beach at night, visiting wouldn’t be much if a problem but going for a swim can be quite harmful even for good swimmers because of the undertows which are quite strong at night.

Fidjrosse Beach Cotonou

Security isn’t much of an issue over here. Apart from all this if you just want to relax and do what you love this is the best place for it. You can come here and paint, ride bikes, play and just have fun. You will be provided with a very relaxing environment and you will find peace. Getting up in the morning and doing yoga or just sitting down and looking at the fisherman gathering their nets will help you relax.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and book your flights to this absolutely amazing and relaxing place so that you can let go of all worries and enjoy life to the fullest. We will help you in getting cheap rates so that you can make memories without having to worry about your budget.

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