Marrakech the Colorful City of Morocco

Marrakech is Morocco’s third largest city and is also the capital city of Southern Morocco. The city is colorful, clean and beautiful. Marrakech is also famous for its largest traditional Berber Market. It is one of the most hustling bustling and busiest cities of Morocco. The city is divided into two parts one is the Historical city followed by a New European modern district.

It is the city which is most visited by tourists as it offers many worth seeing attractions from places like historical buildings, to monuments, from bazaars to open air markets and also the relaxing lush green beautiful gardens . It is known for its rich culture, history & architectural heritage. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this magnificent city.

Moreover you can also find really good eating places restaurants, cafes and also places for accommodation hotels, guesthouses cheap and expensive. They will provide you with quality service and full facilities. Marrakech people are very hospitable and friendly. The climate here is wonderful.

Marrakech is a safe place to visit and has many tourists’ attractions. It’s a place best for spending your vacations whether you want to shop, or you want to go for sightseeing it is an ideal City and along with this you will find easy accommodations and delicious mouthwatering food, So you better pack up your bags and get ready to have an amazing vacation in Marrakech, book with us as we provide cheap flights to Marrakech and quality service.

When you visit Marrakech than you don’t want to miss visiting the beautiful tourist attractions here. There are top 3 things that you must do when you visit Marrakech.

Djemaa El-Fna Marrakech Nightview

Visit the Djemaa El-Fna

The Djemaa El-Fna the square at city centre. All the events take place in this centre of the city. In morning there are people with monkeys and snake charmers. And at night people are entertained by musicians, dancers and story tellers.

Souk Market Marrakech

Visit the Souk Markets

These markets have almost all sorts of things from clothes to jewelry, shoes or household items and also fresh fruits and vegetables are also available here. The things are available at cheap rates and are in good quality.

Menara Garden Marrakech Morocco

Visit the Menara Garden

These are lush green beautiful gardens with wonderful fresh flowers and plants. This is a place famous for Picnics, family gatherings, dinners and is also a Peaceful place to sit back and relax.

Bahia Palace Marrakech

Visit the Bahia Palace

The palace was built in 19th century. It has huge lush green gardens which are well maintained and also there are fountains and court yards. The architecture of the palace is magnificently beautiful. It is visited by many people and is one of the famous attractions not only among the locals but also among the foreigners.

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