An Evergreen Rainforest of Uganda – Kibale National Park

The southern part of Uganda houses a protected area of Kibale National Park that features the maximum elevation of almost 1600 meters and covers the land area of more than 766 square kilometers. The national park is very famous for its picturesque and jaw dropping landscapes and thousands of tourists who grab flights to Uganda just love to travel towards Kibale National Park.

This park continues to make Queen Elizabeth National Park and the adjoining part features a wildlife corridor of almost 180 km. This place is one of the best-loved and darling destinations for safari and eco-tourism. The park is situated between Kamwenge and Kabarole districts and 2 major tribes, the Bakiga and Batooro reside here. Featuring the highest concentration and diversity of primates in African region, this place has always attracted a large variety of researchers and adventurers. A large variety of endangered chimpanzees also dwell here and the rare L’Hoest’s monkey and the red colobus monkey are the main animals.

Chimpanzee at Kibale National Park Uganda

The park provides home to almost 250 tree species, 60 other species of mammals, 13 species of primates, 4 wild felids and 325 species of birds. Many other rare species that are found inside this park are the blue monkey, the black (Colobus satanas) colobus, elephants, lions, two species of otter, three species of duiker, bushpigs and the leopards.

The bird-watchers consider this place a heaven- the park features 325 sited species of birds that include ground thrush, African Grey Parrot, two species of pitas, Western Green tinker bird and olive long-tailed cuckoo. The park also boasts of 229 species of trees that are scattered throughout the moist tropical forests. Some rare and endangered species include broad leaf grasses, Pollia condensata, Palisota schweinfurthii , shade-tolerant shrubs, Lovoa swynnertonnii, Entandrophragma angolense and Cordia millenii.

The park is full of many interesting and amazing activities like Birding (Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary lie in the outside region of the park and offers shelter to more than 138 species of birds and you can sight them from various viewing platforms and the trails), Habituation and Chimpanzee tracking (Kanyanchu Primate Walk is the most thrilling adventure of the park and you can invariably encounter a large variety of diurnal monkeys), Cultural Encounters ( you can enjoy the local vegetation, birds and wildlife with the help of a guide), Nature Walk and Hiking ( the rarely seen creatures become hyperactive at night time and you will be excited to observe their interesting behavior).

There are certain rules and regulations that must be kept in mind while visiting this precious area. Opening and closing time are from 7 am to 7 pm, No domestic animals are allowed , Littering is not allowed, Sick people are not allowed, Fire arms and ammunitions  are also not allowed and always take an assistance from a professional guide once you enter the premises of the national park so just pack up your belongings and get ready for a thrilling tour.

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