Welcome to Benoue National Park – Cameroon

The Republic of Cameroon is one significant African destination that attracts a large variety of people from all around the world. It is located in the western part of the continent and inspires multitudes of all those travelers who grab flights to Cameroon. This country is also commonly called as “Africa in miniature” and offers you plenty of chances to explore the cultural diversity of this magical land. Mount Cameroon is the biggest attraction of the region but apart from it, there is a lot more that is worth-visiting and notable- one of the most amazing and captivating allurements is the Bénoué National Park that has also been designated as a UNESCO site.

Benoue National Park Cameroon

This Biosphere Reserve covers the land area of almost 444,790 acres and draws the attention of plenty of locals as well as the foreigners. It also features the wide frontage of Bénoué River that flows over the area of more than 100 km. It can easily be accessed while moving towards the northern part of Ngaoundéré. The park was open for public in 1932 and soon it gained popularity as one of the largest faunal reserve of Africa. It was than upgraded to a Biosphere Reserve in 1981.

This park area is exactly located in the humid savannah woodland area, the savannah belt of Bénoué and features the maximum altitude of almost 2,490 ft. the forests and plains define the lower sections where as the higher altitudes are dominated by the gigantic rocky massifs. The park is also surrounded by 8 hunting reserves that stretch over the land surface of approximately 1,285,882 acres. The habitat is unique and is normally defined by the wooded grassland.

The park is abundant with various species of Sudanian woodland like the Isoberlinia but many other parts are known for the mixed wooded grassland. A small population of lions has also been recorded (not more than 30) and the endangered West African lion population includes these animals as well. Some other wild-life that can be spotted within the boundary of the park are monkeys, warthog, water buck, Spotted Hyena and the Elephants.

The park also offers shelter to some predominant large ungulates such as the buffalo, waterbuck, Lord Derby’s eland, Western hartebeest and the kob. You can also get the chance to see the largest antelope of Africa- the Derby eland and the African wild dog can also be sited here. the park is best-known for its amazing colonies of hippos and many crocodiles also dwell by the side of the river.

The park has also been assigned the status of an “Important Bird Area” and many researchers and bird-watchers just love to spend an exciting time here. Almost 306 species of birds have been identified and the common ones are Violet Turaco, Stone Partridge, Red-winged Grey Warbler, Red-throated Bee-eater, Olive-backed Quail-dove, Grey-headed Quail-dove, Crocodile bird and Adamawa Turtle-dove. The park also keeps many other hidden surprises for you so this time in your vacations, just make up a plan and get ready for an amazing journey.

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