Your Dream Vacation Spot – Accra

Visit the magical capital city of Ghana and discover every historic monument, countless forts and grandiose castles which are just waiting to be explored. The capital, Accra is also home to white sandy beaches and many fun activities for you to indulge in and that will leave you gasping for breath. To feel a little adventurous and to get your heart rate going visit the exotic Accra this holiday season. To top it all off there are even cheap airfares available which will make the trip worthwhile. This fine city which exhibits divine public buildings and some of the most absorbing museums and theatres which are a must see.

Sand Sand and more Sand

The beaches of Accra may be the most intriguing out of all the beaches worldwide. The breath of fresh air amongst the white sandy beaches is exactly what you need. So pack your bathing suit because this city will give you the perfect chance to relax amidst tranquility while you sip on your favorite cocktail. It will surely put you in a holiday mood to party the night away. Not only are these beaches the best place to relax, but they also have a range of hotels nearby with a spectacular view.

Labadi Beach Accra Ghana

Get away to these magnificent resorts and get ready to be pampered. The Labadi beach is full of life and crowded with people ready to have fun and dance the night away. If you’re looking for loud music and to show off your dance moves then this is the best place to go as it has restaurants and bars nearby. You can also indulge in horseback riding as it is also available on the beach.

Another famous beach of Accra is Kokrobite which is near a village and has the most spectacular bars and restaurants. Boasting several amenities, the Bojo Beach is also one of the most visited destinations as this is where all the parties are taking place. They’re playing the music loud and the people are going wild. So join the most awaited party through our cheap flights to Accra and be a part of the fun and excitement. Let your worries melt away as you soak underneath the soaring sun.

Get up close and personal with Accra

This is your chance to explore the city and dig deep into the exciting history as you unravel the mystery behind every piece at the National Museum of Ghana. The museum displays an array of swords and culturally significant displays of royal stools and state umbrellas. Every display is bound to captivate and envelop you as you walk through the halls of the majestic museum. The grand museum is home to every piece that connects it to the amazing history of the country.

National Museum of Ghana Insideview

Step out and breathe some fresh air

Just a few miles away from Accra are the enchanting and charismatic Botanical Gardens which is exactly what you need to get away from the city noise. The Aburi Botanical Gardens are well preserved with some of the rarest plantations and trees that will simply blow you away. This is your chance to relax underneath the lush green trees and soak underneath the sun as you enjoy the sweet fragrance of the colorful flowers.

Aburi Botanical Gardens Ghana

The scenic setting is simply breathtaking as you watch the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering all around you, this is truly a scene from heaven. So take a stroll is this serene setting with your loved one and feel refreshed and revitalized. This is the perfect getaway destination for you and your loved one to rekindle the love. Head over to this secluded lush greenery and relax with a picnic basket as nature envelops you. Book your tickets to Ghana now for that perfect getaway that you have longed for.

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