The Fascinating and Captivating Addis Ababa

They say you find the most amazing things where you least expect to find them. Ethiopia treasures a city that offers you just the perfect getaway that you have been looking for. The attractions are not the only highlight but the journey towards the attractions might just take the cake. There’s a lot to keep you entertained in this vibrant city. It is not only home to one of the largest market in the world, but also boasts several historical monuments and buildings and with cheap airfares to Ethiopia who wouldn’t desire to be on the next flight out on their dream vacation.

The best thing about this city is that it lives up to the expectation and one can live their dream holiday on a low budget. Visit the land of diverse cultural heritage and rich history which would simply leave you awestruck and mesmerized. These are some of the destinations which are classified as the top attractions of the mesmerizing city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Addis Ababa Exterior view

Holy Trinity Cathedral

This holy Church which was founded by Emperor Menelik II is one of the oldest orthodox churches and highest in rank. Why this church is considered to be one of the top attractions can only be explained with a visit as the beauty would just captivate you. The brilliant architecture and indoor carvings are simply marvelous. This European styled church has a brilliant interior architecture with wall paintings and tainted glass windows. In addition to this it also exhibits several statues over the courtyard walls.

Get some Shopping done

Addis Ababa is home to one of the largest markets which would satisfy all your shopping needs. This is truly a heaven for all the shopaholics as one is able to find everything and anything in this market. The Merkato as it is called is truly worth a visit as the experience of shopping in an open air market is extraordinary. One is also able to bargain and get the best deals in town on some of the best products.

This is the ideal location for buying dresses and some high class beans of coffee. Get your daily dose of shopping with this magnificent market and be prepared to forget all the other indoor large shopping malls. Enjoy the overwhelming aroma of delicious freshly baked food. This is your chance to experience the best of this city with the last minute flights to Addis Ababa.

National Museum of Ethiopia Exterior view

National Museum of Ethiopia

Get up close and personal with the mesmerizing city of Addis Ababa and explore the fascinating history by visiting the charming and intriguing National Museum. Prepare to be speechless by witnessing the amazing archaeological collections, ceremonial costumes and numerous other ethnographic objects. The most famous “Lucy” also resides here and one should make sure to visit these fossils to know more about the mysterious Ethiopia and its rich and fascinating history. Lucy is a 3.5 million year-old skeleton and would excite not only those who love history but anyone who sets foot in the museum.

Bring your family, friends or your loved one to this extraordinary museum especially with these cheap flights and cheap holiday packages provided by TravelHouse UK. Witness the fully reconstructed skeleton of Lucy as the original is at the laboratories of the museum. The feeling one gets while walking through time and reading the fascinating stories about the history is unlike any other. Do not forget to book your ticket now as this is a once in a life time opportunity.

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