The Best Natural Reserves of Africa

Whenever you see the word “Africa” immediately another word that comes to mind is “Safari” but Africa is a big continent- there is a lot more beyond your imaginations. The most significant and notable gems of this magical land are the national reserves that draws the attention of thousands of adventurers and researchers from all the corners of this planet.

Perinet Reserve Madagascar

Madagascar – Perinet Reserve

Best known for Giant lemur and plenty of other unique creatures of the country, the Perinet Reserve is the gem of Africa that is frequently visited by all those adventurers and travelers who take cheapest flights to Madagascar. This reserve is one perfect destination for the safari buff. This mysterious “island of the moon” is very famous for featuring more than 80 percent of the astounding wildlife of Madagascar.

It is the only one place of the country where you can see the giant indri and the greatest tract of Indian Ocean rainforest is also located here. The black and white, fluffy lemur sounds a haunting siren and it just resembles a small child in a panda suit. This sound is surely the most memorable sounds of wilderness of Africa and the tourists would not be able to forget it.

Okavango Delta Botswana

Botswana- Okavango Delta

The place highly famous for mokoro safaris and huge crocodiles is none other than the Okavango Delta of Botswana. It is the biggest inland delta of this world and that’s why multitudes of travelers just love to grab cheap airlines tickets to Gaborone. It is a wetland wilderness that is equal in size to that of Israel. The highland rains are swallowed by the sand of Kalahari of Botswana. An unforgettably serene experience- the  paddling over the clear waters or the waterborne safari; or the most nerve-wracking wildlife encounters in Africa- its all present here.

Elephants at Kruger National Park South Africa

South Africa- Kruger National Park

The dazzling and shining gem of South Africa that is perfectly known for its activity safaris and accessible wilderness is Kruger National Park. It features a great diversity of habitats and thus draw the attention of a large variety of researchers and adventurers who take budget flights to Cape Town. It is a 300 kilometers of wilderness that us settled between Crocodile and Limpopo rivers.

It is one of the best and easily accessible parks of Africa that also makes a perfect venue for self-drive safaris. Since it boasts restaurants, well maintained and is well signposted- thus plenty of people feel tempted towards this mind blowing attraction of South Africa. Apart from safari, the place also attracts multitudes of visitors towards mountain-biking tours and the wide range of multi-day hiking trails.

Ahaggar National Park Algeria

Algeria- Ahaggar National Park

The sweeping and vast Sahara landscapes and the Tuareg nomadic culture is the greatest temptation of this place that forces plenty of travelers to take cheap airline flights to Algiers. If you see the map of Northern Africa, the Ahaggar National Park is located on the place where the “H” is located in “SAHARA”. It is 40 times bigger than the Gambian nation and its greatest treasures are the 3,000-meter mountain range, classic dunes and the heart of the world’s greatest desert.

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