The Baffling Sights of Addis Ababa

From hip bars to a wide variety of culinary hedonism, Addis Ababa has lots on the offering. Here at Addis Ababa there are multifarious action packed excursions and launching pads which will replenish your mind and soul to the core. The city offers completely addictive sights which would leave you immediately baffled and dazed, thereafter you would adjust to the scintillating scenic display. Here is a list of some of the finest things to do while so that you are guaranteed a satisfying time here so get your flights to Addis Ababa now.

National Museum of Addis Ababa Exterior view

Dash to the National Museum of Addis Ababa

Regardless of whether you have a flair for historical treasure troves, insightful Ethiopian exhibits and other relics from the past, this place is a wonderful place to rediscover the astounding Ethiopian heritage and history. The place boasts a wide range of some amazing artifacts from arts work to clothing, to interactive exhibits to other sculptures, the chances are that you may end up overspending your time here so make sure that you have a relaxed routine for the day while heading here.

Festivity at the Meskel Square

This one of the most prominent and highlighted landmarks at Addis Ababa has been known for luring throngs of revelers to its doorstep each year for a multitude of reasons. Not only is the Meskel Square a highly important iconic attraction of the city, but the exuberance of color, jubilation and the crowd it pulls together each year for the Meskel festival is mind boggling.

Make sure to plan your visit here in a way which makes you witness all the frenzy and the electrifying ambience which surrounds the place during the spring season so if you’re planning for Addis Ababa anytime soon, now’s the time to really look forward to it so get your cheap tickets to Ethiopia now.

St-George Cathedral Addis Ababa Exterior view

St. George’s Cathedral

This historically prominent place is deeply revered not only for its rich historical significance, but also due to the fact that many emperors were crowned here. From deeply moving arts work of the famous artist Afewerk Tekle to the weapons which were used to fight the Italians, the St. George’s Cathedral oozes grandeur and magnificence. The brandishing swords and the giant helmets which are displayed here may make you want to go back in time.

Gola St. Michael Church

Addis Ababa is renowned for its seizing holy places especially the large number of churches which are found sprawling all around the city. This spiritual element of holiness attached with these churches is truly thought provoking and for all those tourists and travelers who highly value the spiritual element of traveling should make it a point of heading to the oldest church in the city i.e. Gola St. Michael Church which also features some of the best works of some great artists providing the perfect placate for the aesthetics so get your bargain airfare deals now.

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