The Jaw Dropping Resorts of Seychelles

The heavenly destination of this earth- Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and serves to be the sparkling gem of Indian Ocean. It is the stunning ornament of this earth that draws the attention of thousands of people specially the couples. The population is almost 87,000 people, and there are only 16 islands that are well equipped with resorts and hotels that facilitate the coming beloved guests. Get your cheap tickets to Seychelles booked now.

It is famed for the eco-tourism and the natural beauty that has no comparison with any other destination of this world. One of the biggest attractions is the largest population of giant tortoises that is found on Aldabra Atoll, and another jaw dropping location is Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve that belongs to prehistoric times and has also been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Happy Couple at North Island Seychelles

North Island

One of the most magical and appealing part of Seychelles is the north island that is one of inner islands of this mind blowing destination- plenty of tourists just love to come here. The place is highly appreciated for its green credentials and also the privacy. It is well equipped with 11 villas that are built by Tanzanian and Balinese craftsmen. These are very popular for featuring private butlers, gazebos and the plunge pools, but the most appealing part is the 8,000-square-foot Villa that is very much spacious as compared to other villas of the island. It features a private cinema and circular-flow swimming pool.

Sunset view at Desroches Island Resort Seychelles

Desroches Island Resort

This one is really an inspiring resort that offers spectacular accommodation and serves to be the haven of plenty of contemporary amenities. It features 28 villas and 2o suites that have speckled the un-spoilt beaches of the island and cover the land area of more than 14 kilometers. The hot-blooded young couples are provided the most amazing facilities of this world such as surfing, sea kayaks, tennis courts, fly fishing, bike trails and diving hotspots.

Spa at Fregate Island Private Seychelles

Fregate Island Private

It’s the most exclusive destination of the island that houses 17 villas and non-residents are not allowed to come here. It is fringed by seven beaches and serves to be the most awe-inspiring and breath-taking location of the world. The spa is just enchanting, it uses pastes and oils for various massages (made up from island-grown ingredients). It’s the genuine land of flora and fauna and is highly appreciated for its vigorous conservation programs.

MAIA Resort Seychelles

MAIA Seychelles

This resort opened its gate for public in 2006 and has earned lot fame with the passage of time. The greatest attraction is the 4.8-hectare garden that has also been declared to be the best one of Africa. It features 30 villas that are perched on the top of the hill and cover the land area of almost 12 hectares. Some other dazzling and mind blowing ones are Cousine Island and many others so this time in your holiday break, spend your precious time in nature and head towards Seychelles.

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