Buzzing Makola Market and Busua Beach, Accra

Accra provides the big city travelers and tourists with some exclusive placate where they can unwind from the incessant chores of life. The splashing attractions include but are not limited to incredible scenic sights and natural luxuries like grappling shoreline, languid beaches, classy wildlife, soaring peaks and other great places where you can have some great fun.

The place has in the recent years bagged top positions and accolades for its enticing attractions and it doesn’t matter whether you are traveling here with your friends, family or simply alone, Accra will cast its indulging spell on you so get your cheap tickets to Accra now. Many today regard Accra has a sprawling labyrinth which is brimming with life. Have a quick gaze through this trendy stretch of some of the finest things to here at Accra.

Kokrobite Beach Accra Ghana

Kokrobite Beach

This fantasizing stretch of scenic landscape and white hem of sand provides you with the perfect reprieve you have long been seeking. It doesn’t matter if you fancy the tacky beach entertainment which comes so naturally at most of the beaches across the globe or not, Kokrobite Beach is the ultimate soul lifting hotspot where you can unwind and rejuvenate to the core.

One major attraction here at the Kokrobite Beach is the Academy of African Music and Art which is a place revered by many aesthetics. The place is a mecca to many drummers and tourists owing to the classes and free demonstrations which take place here all year round. Just near the beach are also some great trendy accommodation facilities which provide some great rooms and meals like the Big Milly’s Backyard which enjoys a great clientele amongst the backpackers hailing both from local areas and other international ones.

Busua Beach Accra Ghana

Busua Beach

Accra is renowned for its wide ranging list of some of the finest beaches not only at Ghana but in Africa. One such beach is the Busua Beach which provides a grand stretch of sizzling attractions where you can unwind and relax in a unique manner. One famous getaway here which enjoys a great reputation is the dazzling Busua Beach Resort which consists of pools, beach chalets and other state of the art amenities and options. Not to undermine the great culinary hedonism which the place boasts, the Busua Beach is a complete package in itself which will make you want to come back for more so book your cheap flights to Ghana now.

Makola Market Accra Ghana

Makola Market

This place is the place where you need to hone your haggling skills a bit and get ready for some great discount deals which are up for the grabs. The place is a great venue for shopping for all sorts of stuff ranging from fruits, local goodies and the traditional handicrafts which there are so get your bargain air deals now.

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