The Magnificent Mole National Park, Accra

Mole National Park Ghana Welcome

The largest wild refuge of Ghana- the Mole National Park is well settled in Accra and it draws the attention of a large variety of locals as well as the foreigners. It is well settled in the northwestern part of the country on riparian ecosystems and grassland savanna at the height of more than 150 m. The southern boundary of the park is formed with a sharp escarpment. You can easily access the park from the nearby town of Larabanga.

The Mole and Lovi rivers flow through the park area and thus plenty of drinking holes are produces for the animals. More than 1000 mm per year of rainfall is received by this region and there are hundreds of researchers and travellers who just love to capture cheap flights to Accra to spend and amazing and memorable time.

The history goes back to 1958 when it was planned to feature a wildlife refuge. The human population was relocated in 1971, and a major area attained the status of National Park. Since its original designation, it has not seen major development as a tourist location but still it is considered to be the notable and significant allurement of the region that compels hundreds of locals as well as many other foreigners. It serves as an important study area for scientists and it also facilitates the coming travelers with many facilities.

The park is very popular for offering shelter to a large variety of elephants. The major area is covered with plenty of green vegetation- the major tree species are Terminalia macroptera, Isoberlinia doka and Burkea africana. It is also covered with shrubs that include Urginea spp, Tinnsea spp, Flueggea virosa, Feretia apodanthera, Diospyros mespiliformis and plenty of Herbaceous plants like Wissadula amplissima, Triumfetta pentandra, Sida urens, Ruellia, Mariscus alternifolius, Desmodium velutinum, Blepharis maderaspatensis, Atylosia scarabaeoides, Aneilema umbrosum, Abutilon ramosum and many others.

There is no shortage of Fauna as well, and the park is known for more than 93 mammal species. The large mammals that can be spotted inside the park area are warthogs, buffalo, hippos and elephant population. The park is very popular for being the primary African preserve that offers shelter to antelope species like the yellow-backed Duiker, the red duiker , the bushbuck, oribi, hartebeest, roan, Defassa waterbuck and kob. Plenty of monkeys can also be seen in various regions of the park- the common ones are patas monkeys , the green vervet, black-and-white colobus monkeys and Olive baboons.

Elephants at Mole National Park Ghana

There are 33 known species of reptiles, and you can easily find dwarf crocodile  and slender-snouted crocodile. The sightings of leopards, lions and hyenas are unusual, but these species do exist in the park. There are 344 listed bird species and the tourists can see the red-throated bee-eater, various shrikes , theviolet turaco, the Abyssinian roller, egrets, herons, saddle-billed storks, palm-nut vultures, the martial eagle and many others.

There are many adventurous activities, you can opt for, and once you are inside the park area- you can just relax at the motel’s viewing platform or can go on a walking safari. The place also features a souvenir shop that sells plenty of amazing items. There is also a wide variety of accommodations that encircle the park area and each one of them offer you luxury and plenty of other facilities, so this time don’t miss the opportunity to take cheap air tickets to Ghana.

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