A Wonderful Shopping Trip in Lusaka

Shopping is definitely an integral part of your holiday, and no holiday is complete until you get yourself and your loved ones some souvenirs and gifts that link them back as memoirs to the foreign land. As you enjoy an amazing and splendid vacation in Lusaka cherishing its countless attractions and picturesque surroundings you must know what is the right place to go for shopping in this gorgeous city. As you book your cheap flights to Lusaka it is good to search about the market places that offer you good deals and sell products that you might need but if you haven’t or if you plan to do your search, let us help you learn about one of the best markets that this beautiful city has to offer so that you can easily buy all that you need when in Lusaka.

Pakati Sunday Market is one of the most famous shopping destinations in Lusaka. As the name suggests this market is only set on Sunday but it is worth planning your visit in a way that you are able to enjoy a shopping trip to this market place. As you take your cheap flights to Lusaka you will love the difference in the shopping between these two places. While UK offers you a very metropolitan shopping experience, Lusaka’s shopping is very basic. You can see this strong and interesting contrast when you are shopping in the Pakati Sunday Market.

You will also see that in UK shopping is very individual but in Lusaka you will be able to see that shopping is a very family thing and entire of the families together come to the market for the shopping. So shopping in Pakati Sunday Market is not just for sake of buying stuff that you need but rather shopping in this market will give you a good insight about the social and cultural fabric of the area. You will be able to see how locals deal with each other and among their families. In short you will be able to observe a very well knitted culture of the area.

Pakati Sunday Market Lusaka Zambia

Pakati Sunday Markets sets from late evening at Saturday and stays till late Sunday night. This place keeps everything that you will possible need. From food and spices to clothing to artifacts to souvenirs. You will be able to buy all that you need at this one wonderful place. The market is set in stalls and you can take rounds along all of them to see the things that you like best. Rugs and artifacts can be bought from these but you need to survey the entire market to get a good idea about the right prices. Prices are not fixed and your bargaining skills will come very handy. Bargain as much as you can so that you can buy some great deal.

After you are done shopping and are all exhausted from your bargaining and shopping, you can go to some food stall, bar or restaurant that are located nearby. Food stalls offer great food and are very cheap compared to restaurants but generally price level in Lusaka for food is not very high. Enjoy some delicious African cuisine to bid farewell to your amazing shopping trip. To enjoy shopping in this splendid market area and many more, book your cheap air tickets to Zambia now and fly to Lusaka to have an enjoyable vacation topped with some great shopping.

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