Bat Center, City Hall and Botanic Gardens Journey, Durban

The breathtaking sights and spectacular Durban attractions offer a sizzling feast for each of one of the tourists who make their way here. Durban provides a steaming stretch of some of the most intimate regions which are a delight for the exploration oriented tourists and generally all those who fancy discovering the scenic marvels of the places they visit. Durban is also renowned for its breathtaking stretch of languid beaches which are rates amongst the top beaches in the world owing to the oozing serenity and grandeur they bestow on the beach enthusiasts.

If you have long been yearning to break yourself free from the daily bustle and wish to embark onto a trip of your lifetime then Durban is definitely one of those cities which merit your attention so get your cheap air tickets to Durban today. With its thoroughbred fares, gleaming malls, dazzling tourist hubs which include entertainment zones, beaches, parks and many other places, Durban leaves the first timers immediately fall in love with it. Here at Durban there are countless attractions which merit your time and money so make sure to have a quick glance through the following exciting list of to do things.

BAT Center Durban South Africa

Head to the BAT Center

For those aesthetic lovers and those with a flair for arts, crafts wishing to see all contemporary and local South African arts combined under one roof should definitely consider heading to the BAT Center where you can spend hours and hours witnessing some great works of local and international artists. The Bohemian arts and cultural community is also a great place to get acquainted with the local cultural insights of South Africa and here you would be provided some great idea about how truly multicultural South Africa and especially Durban.

City Hall Durban Exterior view

City Hall Foray

This one historical and cultural landmark chronicles some great chapters from the past. For all those who have a penchant for exploring and rediscovering architectural exuberance which is exhibited in logic defying constants almost all across South Africa should make this journey, but don’t forget to take your favorite lens along as there are numerous pictures to be clicked.

Botanic Gardens Durban South Africa

Botanic Gardens Journey

These lush botanic gardens has played the role of a key draw card when it comes to attracting tourists who make their way to Durban. The place is renowned for being a famous tourist hub, and the oozing serenity and tranquil of the place draws more than half a million visitors each year. Not only is there a great variety of plants to be found but also here you would come across some great collection of cycad, palms and orchids so get your cheapest flights to South Africa now.

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