Spend a Magical Holiday in the Fantastic city of Abuja

Plan a refreshing holiday with your loved ones and book your cheapest airlines to Abuja. An ideal holiday is the one which allows you to live a new life in few special days thus refreshing your soul inside out. Abuja is definitely such a destination because of its rich and unique culture and scenery. You can enjoy staying in the best of hotels at very reasonable prices and rent jeeps at low fares too. You can enjoy safaris and performances of unique unseen style in this perfect city and have a whole new vacationing experience. Let us at Travel House Guide you about your unique cultural experience at this fantastic city.

Kano City Nigeria

The Kano City

This small town at 2 hours from Abuja is a typical African town with small markets, narrow streets and well knit culture. Book a room at Kano city at stay at this small town for at least two days. Spend a day walking through the streets admiring the social fabric of the region. You will be able to buy handicrafts from the road side stalls at very cheap rates. You can hire a local guide who will give you a good and detailed tour of this small yet intriguing city. As you take your cheap flights to Abuja, you will find this culture and way of life entirely different from something that you have ever experienced.

The Durbar in Kano

The Durbar in Kano is held twice yearly. This is a festival in which the Amir (ruler) pays homage to the gods. After the ceremony the horseman parade the streets of Kano is beautiful riding displays.

Group of horsemen in the Durbar


Suleja is a place 35 km away from the city center of Abuja. The place of Abuja is a home to the wondrous Zuma Rock. The rock is a very famous attraction of Nigeria, and there are many myths associated with it. There is an abandoned haunted hotel near by the rock and many tourists visit this place too. The specialty if Suleja is its glazed pottery. You can buy small pieces for yourself from the road side shops where the prices are negotiable. Close to Suleja is Gwara Falls. These falls offer a great place for picnic, and the scenery is perfect for pictures.

Yankari National Park Nigeria

Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park is a gem in the city of Abuja. This big and well kept facility is a house to many African animals which live in their natural habitat. You should be able to see many animals roaming around freely at this place. You can enjoy a wonderful African safari at the park and drive through the wildlife rich grass lands admiring beautiful animals like lions, giraffes and zebras. There is a wonderful restaurant in the park from where you can enjoy delicious African cuisine after you are done visiting the park. To enjoy these fascinating facilities book your cheap air tickets to Nigeria and fly to this spectacular destination with your loved ones to enjoy a very new and unique holiday experience. A holiday spent in Abuja will be totally different from what you have been experiencing otherwise.

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