Zanzibar: Your Perfect African Holiday Retreat

If you are a water lover and want to spend a vacation rich in water sports yet different from those that you have already enjoyed then book your cheap flights to Zanzibar and indulge in a range of water sports in this perfect African city. Unlike the other regular holiday destinations, you will find Zanzibar very new and refreshing change for a vacation. With its perfect blue waters and amazing scenery, you will not even realize how your vacation will fly through. Let us guide you through the places from where you can enjoy your water sports from when in Zanzibar.

Scubafish Zanzibar

Scuba Fish Zanzibar

This facility is amazing for all levels of divers. The staff is very friendly and cooperative, and you can find all the diving equipment from this firm. Many kinds of diving including the scuba diving are provided. You can also try snorkeling. Instructors are well trained, and expert of their field and so they can get you all set for your perfect dive even if you are a first time diver. You are also allowed to choose the depth of water in which you wish to dive and snorkel. You can dive alone or with a group. Water camera is also provided with which you can take underwater photographs.

Rising Sun Dive Center

Rising Sun Dive Center is another amazing facility which you can avail to have a wonderful diving experience as you take your cheap flights to Zanzibar. Rising Sun Dive Center is located at South East Beach which is rich in 65 km of coral reef and abundant aquatic life. You can dive in a group of six with an instructor if you are new to diving. The instructor will make sure that your diving experience is thoroughly safe and perfect. You will be able to see the beautiful and colorful coral reef rich in marine life and sea grass. Discovering the stunning underwater of South East Zanzibar will be nothing less than a divine experience.

Safari Blue Tours Zanzibar

Safari Blue Tours

These wonderful tours take you as a group on a perfect boat to the ocean where you are served delicious food along with bar be a cue fish. You will love enjoying your food in the middle of the clear blue waters and bright sky. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling in the water there, and the guides will help you explore the beautiful sea to the fullest. Life jackets and air tents are provided on boar. After an amazing tour of the sea, the ship sails back to the shore to end the tour on the sandy shores.

To enjoy these amazing activities, specially diving and snorkeling in the most beautiful waters with rich marine life, book your cheapest flights to Tanzania now and spend a dream holiday with your loved ones. Zanzibar is an ideal holiday destination for honeymoons and family holiday as it offers you a range of countless activities that you can try to make your vacation a truly splendid experience.

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