Explore the best of Nature’s Wonderland in Kilimanjaro National Park

Reinvent your love for hiking and sightseeing and book your cheap flights to Kilimanjaro now with your friends and family to enjoy this wonderful African city. Kilimanjaro National Park is one of the most amazing natural reserve parks that you will ever experience. At the heart of this park is the Kilimanjaro Mountain which is the highest free standing mountain in the world. This wonderful mountain stands in all its glory with snow-capped peaks. The Kilimanjaro Mountain has three volcanoes and the most famous of these three is the Kibo which is at the height of 5,895 meters.

Entire of the Kilimanjaro Mountain is located inside the Kilimanjaro National Park and as you take your cheap airfares to Tanzania and fly to this wonderful city, visiting this park will be nothing less than a true delight especially if you are fond of a little adventure and a taste of thrill in your vacation then you cannot find a better holiday destination. Initially the slope of the mountain is not very steep and you can easily walk upwards but at increasing altitudes the climb becomes steeper and harder.

Elephants at Kilimanjaro National Park Tanzania

As you start your hike of this fantastic mountain in Kilimanjaro National Park, you will be amazed to see the old farming method of zero grazing practiced by WaChagga tribes on the base of the mountain. Coffee, maize, beans, potatoes and bananas are normally planted there and the fields offer a scenic and picturesque look to the already outstanding beauty of the park. The mountain is rich in rainforests.

As you climb uphill you will be able to see the abundance of flora and fauna. Many waterfalls and streams adorn the gorgeous mountain slope and form the root of northern Tanzania’s most important water source. The beautiful moorland is also an absolutely breathtaking view. This moorland is home to exotic plants like the giant lobelia and giant groundsel. You will find many rare and fascinating plant and flower species as you explore the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

As you climb further up the mountain, you will enter the ecosystem of the bird species like the African crowned eagle also called the African hawk eagle. Here you will also be able to see the Lammergeier Vulture which is also called the bearded vulture. Above this portion of the mountain is the ice capped layer.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Tanzania

The uphill trek at Kilimanjaro Mountain is fairly non-technical as the slope increases slowly and the natural pathways offer a very comfortable hike. You will love the astonishing and magnificent natural beauty and diversity that this place keeps. Every inch of this mountain is nothing less than awe inspiring. The hike up to 3000 meters is simple but children under 13 should not climb any further than this as the climb gets harder and low oxygen levels can cause nausea in children.

To enjoy this amazing park and this grand and amazing mountain, book your cheap air tickets to Kilimanjaro now and fly to this splendid city which securely keeps this rich treasure of nature. You will feel all refreshed from spending the vacation in this blessed African city.

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