The Island of Lagos


Lagos, Nigeria’s cultural hub is a city that lies in the south western part of the country on the Atlantic coast of the Gulf of New Guinea. With a population of more than 21 million, Lagos currently boasts the status of being the most largely populated city of Africa. The cultural aspect of the city, its importance in the economic sector of Nigeria and the fact that it holds a large part of the country’s industrial strength have all contributed in making Lagos one of the most significant cities of the continent.

The city also holds significance in Nigeria’s tourism scene with its natural scenic beauty and stunning architecture; just some of the elements that make tourists drool on the concept of cheap flights to Lagos.

The natural beauty of Lagos is the major element driving its growing tourism industry. Its two biggest islands, Victoria and Lagos, are visited by locals and foreign visitors almost throughout the year. The former of the two, Victoria Island, lies between Lekki Peninsula and Lagos Island in the Lagos Lagoon. It is the main financial and business centre of the city. The beauty and development of this island is such that it is categorized as the most exclusive area of the city. It also has the reputation of being the most expensive living area of the city as well.

The renting cost of a luxury apartment ranges from $48,000 to $85,000 per annum. Many multinationals have recently opened up their stores and cafes in Victoria Island due to the overflow of inhabitants and the development of the area.

The city is lined up with world class shopping malls, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, night clubs, businesses and schools catering to the needs and pleasures of locals and visitors alike. Arguably the most popular accommodation place for tourists is Amara suites, which are usually booked out during the holiday season due to the luxurious experiences they offer.

The latter of the two is the Lagos Island. It is much smaller in size than Victoria and the total population of the area is a lot less. It is the main and central local government area of the city of Lagos. During its early days when new settlements were being established in this vicinity, the island was home to the Yoruba fishing village of Eko, which has now grown into the modern city of Lagos.

Now beingthe business hub of the city, Lagos Island comprises of the high-rise buildings and business that make up its Central Business District. Many of the city’s major wholesale markets like the Balagoun and the Idumota are located on this island. It is also home to many popular tourist destinations such as the Glover Memorial Hall, the National Museum of Nigeria, Oba Palace, Christ’s Cathedral and the Central Mosque. For those tourists out on the island for recreational purposes, they can head over to the town of Ikoyi nearby where they will find a great number of night clubs, bars, cafes and hotels.

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